• Join the Art Director's Club of Tulsa

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    If you attended Graphex 44 last week and were inspired to be apart of the planning process next year, or if you simply want to get more involved with the Art Director’s Club of Tulsa then you need to attend their meeting tonight at 5:30 at Cubic Creative. Network and make great events for creatives in Tulsa happen. For more info see their Facebook.

  • Coke takes a stab at world peace

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    Does Coca Cola have the solution to world peace in that itty bitty 12 ounce can? Well, they’re sure gonna try.

    The soft-drink giant, along with Chicago-based agency Leo Burnett, is attempting the perceived impossible task in India and Pakistan. In March, the company invited citizens of both countries to complete tasks together through the machine. Once they were completed, the machine would dispense a Coke.

    We sure wish they would use these machines to unite Thunder and Mavericks fans.


  • Tulsa's National Day of Civic Hacking

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    Calling all techies/nerds/creatives! Join with other like minded Tulsans on Saturday, June 1 for the National Day of Civic Hacking-Tulsa. Bring your talents and creativity to help better our city in three different events.

    From 10-4, there will be a TulsaWiki Editathon. During the lunch hour, you can join the Code for Tulsa Brigade Meetup. There will also be a Random Hacks of Kindness (clever, no?) Hackathon team that will be collaborating on a special project for the Brady District.

    For more info, check out the site here!

  • Support Moore

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    On May 20, our neighbors in Moore, Oklahoma were devastated by a deadly tornado. Homes were destroyed, and lives were lost. However, we here at The Egotist are truly inspired by all those who are coming together to donate time and money to the families who have lost everything.

    J.D. Reeves has designed a shirt benefiting those affected by disaster. For $13, you can show your support. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross Moore Tornado relief fund.

    Get the Shirt

  • Weekend things to do: Blue Dome Art Festival, Mayfest

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    What brings 14 food trucks, 250 local artists, Belly Dancing, and a whole-lotta painting, pottery, carving, photography, jewelry, home decor together? The 10th annual Blue Dome Art Festival starts today and ends Sunday.
    More on the Blue Dome Art Festival

    It's a truly exciting weekend downtown Tulsa as Tulsa's famous Mayfest has also been going on since yesterday and will continue through Sunday.
    More on Mayfest

  • ADCT's Graphex 44 Tomorrow

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    If you haven't already signed up, the Art Director's Club of Tulsa is hosting their annual awards show, Graphex 44. If you haven't submitted anything, then too bad you missed the deadline by a month, but you can still attend and see the awesome stuff local art directors in Tulsa are doing.

    In ADCT 's words, this event is "for those of us who believe creativity is the kryptonite to mediocrity. For those of us who endlessly strive for greatness, for the ultimate idea. And for those of us that crave the struggle of the creative process. It’s time for some exposure."

    Get your tickets and more info here

  • Hot Wheels - Best Driver Short film

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    Since racing ads seem to be the latest thing, it has us asking - Who’s the world’s best driver? Mattel-owned Hot Wheels is here on the search for him or her in their newest spot. Viewers get 22 minutes worth of incredible stunts, amazing terrain, and the sickest tricks; would you expect anything less?

    This new ad, created by production company Bandito Brothers, along with advertising agency Mistress, can be seen on Cartoon Network in 7 separate parts in the coming weeks (or you could just watch it here).


  • Ghost's deadCenter Film Festival

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    Ghost is an Oklahoma City studio who puts out some pretty sexy stuff. They recently did a branding job for deadCenter, Oklahoma's largest film festival (coming up June 5-9) and came out with some straight up great design.


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