• OK Magazine cover design contest

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    Oklahoma Magazine is inviting you to design the cover of it's July 2013, Best of the Best issue. The concept is pretty open for interpretation, the only stipulations are, it should include the words "The Best of the Best 2013", and (of course) meet the size specs of the magazine,. As long as your design received by May 20, you'll get an honorable mention on their website, or printed.

    For more info, email editor@okmag.com

  • Saxum's Infographic: The United States of Energy

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    With companies outsourcing everything except their souls nowadays, energy is something that actually may be able to stay on this side of the pond for a while.

    Our friends at Saxum created this handy dandy energy map that shows what each state contributes to the energy pool, complete with a color-coded index. It's a beautiful example of taking some potentially boring info and using aesthetic to more clearly communicate. Check it out and see what you don’t know about Oklahoma here.

    UPDATE: Check out the awesome interactive version of the us of Energy here

  • You're awesome, now show it

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    You know you deserve an award, but how do you get every one else to realize? Simple –you go to thousandsunder90.com, type in your name and job title and boom, there's a kick-ass award made just for you. Don't have a job title - or is it something lame? hop on over to bullshitjob.com and generate something snazzy.

  • Job: Motion Designer @ Brothers & Company

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    If you don't already know the name, Brothers & Company is a pretty kick-ass agency in town, and they're looking for a motion designer/ editor with a reel that makes their jaws drop.

    Apply & read more here

  • The first digital scratch 'n sniff

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    Scratch ‘n’ Sniff stickers were basically the greatest thing ever back in the day. Old Spice, along with advertising gurus at Wieden + Kennedy, has developed the first ever scratch ‘n’ sniff banner ad to promote it’s new Wolfthorn line. Check it out on the top of the Onion’s web page. And if you click on it expecting to really smell something, you’re an idiot. But don’t be dismayed; they will send you the banner to sniff via old school snail mail.

    Sign up for some sniffing
    See the banner ad


  • Tulsa Ballet: Icons & Idols

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    If there's one group in Tulsa who knows how to throw a party, it's Talmadge Powell. They're a highly organized agency that has the creative chops for most any task. Below you'll see some of their recent creative work on the Tulsa Ballet's Icons and Idol's Gala.

  • Kit Kat hires artist to paint in chocolate

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    What’s the best way to make your limited edition chocolate bar last forever? Kit Kat chose to paint with it. Kit Kat Australia saved the last 50 of their limited edition white chocolate bars and gave them to artist Mike Wyatt to create something to commemorate the bar. Wyatt created 50 different designs with the chocolate. Check out a video to see how he did, as well as the finished products!

    Posters: Here

  • Inspiration Break: Pantone Pairings

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    What if Pantone ruled...everything? Minnesota Designer David Schwen imagines...

    Full set: here
    Purchase Prints pantonepairings.com

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