• The Perfect Storm

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    Press play, close your eyes, and be transported to Oklahoma circa the 1930's in the heart of the Dust Bowl. Beautiful, beautiful storytelling. Thanks This Land.

    "In this short documentary, folk musician and historian Tom Naples walks us through the dust bowl and tunes us into archival recordings and oral histories of the people who lived through the misery of those dark days."

  • QB Brandon Weeden Lends Name to "Little Miracle" Documentary

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    Former OSU quarterback Brandon Weeden, who now plays for the Cleveland Browns, lends his name and support to Swing from the Heart, a fundraiser for The Children's Hospital at OU Medical in Oklahoma City. Moved to action by his relationship with Gavin Kuykendall, Little Miracle is a mini-documentary about Gavin's journey through multiple open heart surgeries before the age of five, Oklahoma's gap in pediatric cardiovascular care, and how Brandon is hoping to make a difference for Oklahoma families dealing with congenital heart disease. It's a tear jerker, be warned. Nice work from Steelehouse Productions.

  • Around The Egotist

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    Time for another round-up of our favorite posts around the Egotist sites:

    The Chicago Egotist
    "Slightly Insulting Chicago Neighborhoods"
    (We will be honest, the context is completely lost on us, but the good design is not.)

    The OKC Egotist
    "Potluck Posters"

    The Phoenix Egotist
    "Pill Poppin' Good Times"

    The Portland Egotist
    "BPN Promotional Video"

    The St. Louis Egotist
    "St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase Poster - Carlos Zamora"

  • Flash Flood Print Studios

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    There's a new printing studio in town. So far, we love what we're seeing from Flash Flood Print Studios. We also love that in addition to commercial work, they are committed to supporting local artists and assisting them as they continue to develop their craft. Check out their Facebook page for more information about their shop and current print projects.

  • Unknown State TRAILER

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    We first posted last year about Unknown State, a science fiction film shot entirely in Oklahoma. Who knew so many worlds could be found in our little state? Here's a first glimpse at the film's trailer:

    Can't wait to see the final cut. Here are a few more stills from the film:

  • Geometry Daily

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    Perfect parallelograms, lovely circles, clean lines, and gorgeous angles. Although Geometry Daily brings back memories of protractors, graphing calculators, and awkward high school days, more than anything it satisfies our OCD and affinity for minimalism. Math as art is a beautiful thing.

  • First Friday Art Crawl

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    Happening tomorrow. Grab some friends, grab a drink and head over to the Brady Arts District to check out some cool local art.

  • Shades of Brown: Mud Masters

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    Here's a teaser vid for a commercial series about Shades of Brown coffee company by photographer Michael Cooper. Love the look so far, can't wait to see the finished series!

    About the series: "Mud masters Melinda Curren and her mother Marcia Borum have been hand-crafting the mugs for Melinda’s coffee shop for nearly three years. The piece takes us to Melinda’s home, where she and Marcia gather often during the week to craft the mugs that help define the Shades experience."

    Shot and edited by Michael Cooper
    Music by Dead Sea Choir

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