• Inspiration Break: Leterpress

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    With vintage printing/printmaking forming into a sort of "hipster" hobby creatives, this instructional video by New York designer Naomie Ross seemed to be just the fix we needed for our Wednesday.

  • Creatives Making a Difference: Huglahoma

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    If you think that creatives can't have widespread positive influence in Tulsa, Evan Taylor is here to prove you wrong. Huglahoma was born when Evan, a local photographer, decided, "enough negativity, more hugs".

    Armed with his camera, and membership to Fab Lab, he's changing things and is making a difference. Evan travels around with a board in the shape of good ol' OK and takes portraits of people hugging (or in some cases, sheepishly holding) the state of Oklahoma. All the while, Evan campaigns for positivity by positing the photos and the subject's description of why they love Oklahoma on Huglahoma's Facebook Page. We've included a sampling of photos below, but be sure to check out the facebook page for the full rundown (highlights include Biker Fox, that QT guy everyone knows, and this guy)

    Evan's Tulsa People article

  • Gear Guide: Hand Lettering

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    Ryan Hamerick is a true artist when it comes to type and hand lettering. He's a designer based in Pittsburgh, PA and this guy really does some incredible stuff. On his website, he's graced us with a toolkit that he uses and its a great grocery list for the aspiring hand letterer. Also, check out the video below as Ryan tells you about the best place to get started for hand lettering, in his own words.

  • Creatives in super slow-mo

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    Retrospec Films is a local film and video production company with a studio in Broken Arrow. They got ahold of a Phantom camera in their studios, 40,000 watts of light later, and shot the video below. Your wish to see creatives get dowsed at 1000 FPS has been fulfilled.

  • Photoshop Live: Creatives in the wild

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    Adobe needed to promote their creative day happening this week, so they set a self-titled "photoshop magician" in the wild to work some magic. If you haven't already seen this, it's worth a watch.

  • How we made the First Fidelity Bank campaign - Saxum

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    Not only is Saxum a pretty stellar agency (who puts out some straight sexy infographics), but they also eat Hi-Chews and drink Red Bull for breakfast. This next installation of "How We Made..." features a campaign done by Saxum for First Fidelity Bank. Check out some of the print below, and watch the spot here

    Tulsa Egotist: What concept did the client want to see in the final product?
    Saxum:At the time, the idea of mobile deposit (making a check deposit via a picture on your smart phone) was fairly new. More importantly, it was only available through large banks. FFB would be the first “community” bank in the area to offer the service.

    TE: What challenged you most in the production process?
    SAXUM: The mobile deposit app was a very simple product, at least, from the user’s perspective -- literally point the phone’s camera at the check, snap the shot and hit send. Sometimes the simplest stories are the hardest to tell.

    We didn’t want to downplay the product. We wanted the audience to see that technology did not equal complexity. We also wanted them to see that something basic could be a big deal that would have a very positive impact on their daily lives.

    TE: If there was one thing you could do differently, what would it be?
    SAXUM: Our preliminary research indicated that mobile deposit would be a hit with FFB’s target demographic. However, we actually underestimated the response. The overwhelming number of customers wishing to set up mobile deposit service actually forced us to throttle back our ad frequency for a time so that customer service reps could keep up with demand.

    TE: What inspired the look of the final product?
    SAXUM: Visually, we set out to convey the intimate relationship between the user and his or her mobile phones, so we placed our user in front of an infinity background. This way, only the user and the phone mattered.

    Next, we conveyed that when you use the mobile deposit app, it is like having your bank right at your disposal. In a style reminiscent of “Minority Report,” Ruben Cabrera, our art director, designed elements that would appear “in the air” around the user. These elements make the phone app come alive for both the user and the viewer who was absorbing the ad’s message. Our premise was, through this exciting technology, one can experience a personal relationship with his or her banker anytime, anywhere.

    TE: Looking back, what advice would you give yourself before beginning the project?
    SAXUM: Go for it! We wanted to dig a bit deeper into this project than just to show a phone and talk about a convenient technology. We wanted people to see this as something that can really enhance their relationship with their bank. We wanted it to be personal, emotional, and we knew that would be more difficult to convey. But, if we succeeded, it would really set our client apart.

    TE: What is the best breakfast for a creative professional?
    SAXUM Too many of us, it appears, begin our days with a big helping of despair with a side of self-doubt.

    Our impromptu survey revealed answers that may be just as stomach turning:

    Mountain Dew and peanut butter. Cheetos and pizza. Hi-Chews and Red Bull.

    To each his own.

    For more information on Saxum, hit up their website
    This article is a part of our series How we made..." where we explore how local agencies do what they do. If your agency has a sweet project you want to show off or get featured, submit it here

  • Mine of Steel: Steelehouse's Minecraft-Superman Animation

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    We're less than two weeks away from the release of Superman: Man of Steel and Tulsa creative studio Steelehouse Productions has hit the nail on the head with a trailer that marries the Minecraft and Superman in a 'block for block' recreation of the 'Man of Steel' trailer (released through Machinima). Great work, and excellent concept. Bravo.

    Source: Mashable

    Banking off of some of the momentum they've received from Mine of Steel, Steelehouse also released the second iteration of their Steampunk for kids series "Steampuff" that we covered back in December.


  • Forget billboards, how about BeardBoards?

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    Need some extra cash? Your beard could be an extra source of income according to the genius mind of Whit Hiler, from ad agency Cornett-IMS. To join those already using BeardBoards (Patent Pending), such as A&W Restaurants and Eagle One Automotive, check out the official website beardvertising.com.

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