• Behind the Scenes: Fiat body Paint

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    This video goes behind the scenes of a very interesting, inspiring and ambitious shoot for a Fiat ad done by the Richards group. The story behind the ad almost trumps the ad itself.


  • Inspiration Break: Music Room

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    Designer/Typographer Alex Fowkes did an installation for english singer-songwriter Olly Murs. Its a typographic feast for the eyes set in a beautiful room, to create a straight sexy pad. Check out the time lapse below.

  • New Sh*t, No Shoes, No Kickstarter

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    Known for her high-energy barefoot performances and ever-adapting style, Tulsa music legend, Fiawna Forté is funding her much-anticipated album with “The Album to Fund the Album”. At a time when Kickstarter is seemingly oversaturated with creative endeavors, Forté blazes her own trail . She has provided listeners with a stripped down acoustic album of new tracks, which are available as singles or a complete album. In addition to her music, you can get her original art and posters (created as an accompaniment to the album) here.

  • Brand fails on Twitter

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    Digital Innovation Today created the info-graphic below that shows some pretty epic brand fails on Twitter. Take this as a nice reminder to double read your next tweet.

  • Now Hiring: Account Executive & Assistant Account Executive – Brothers & Company

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    Brothers & Company, Tulsa is hiring: Account Executive and Assitant Account Executive — both for Outdoor Recreation. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • Inspiration Break: Leterpress

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    With vintage printing/printmaking forming into a sort of "hipster" hobby creatives, this instructional video by New York designer Naomie Ross seemed to be just the fix we needed for our Wednesday.

  • Creatives Making a Difference: Huglahoma

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    If you think that creatives can't have widespread positive influence in Tulsa, Evan Taylor is here to prove you wrong. Huglahoma was born when Evan, a local photographer, decided, "enough negativity, more hugs".

    Armed with his camera, and membership to Fab Lab, he's changing things and is making a difference. Evan travels around with a board in the shape of good ol' OK and takes portraits of people hugging (or in some cases, sheepishly holding) the state of Oklahoma. All the while, Evan campaigns for positivity by positing the photos and the subject's description of why they love Oklahoma on Huglahoma's Facebook Page. We've included a sampling of photos below, but be sure to check out the facebook page for the full rundown (highlights include Biker Fox, that QT guy everyone knows, and this guy)

    Evan's Tulsa People article

  • Gear Guide: Hand Lettering

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    Ryan Hamerick is a true artist when it comes to type and hand lettering. He's a designer based in Pittsburgh, PA and this guy really does some incredible stuff. On his website, he's graced us with a toolkit that he uses and its a great grocery list for the aspiring hand letterer. Also, check out the video below as Ryan tells you about the best place to get started for hand lettering, in his own words.

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