• HTML5: Visualized

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    Whether HTML5 is something you deal with on a daily basis, or just a term you've heard Apple throw around when bashing Flash, there's no question it's becoming a huge part of our web experience. This visual map below describes a survey of web developers on the topic and provides their take on it.

    Source: Mavenlink
    Full Image: here

  • McDonalds ad drawn on a napkin

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    This commercial for McDonald’s new addition to their Little Tasters menu, the Chicken McBite will leave anyone who has ever doodled on a napkin smiling. It was created by, Will Thacker and Blake Waters as part of Leo Burnett campaign for the chain. Will and Blake's creation will have you reaching for the keys to hit up the nearest chain (if only to support creative advertising). Don’t forget the sweet and sour sauce. Hit up the source for the movie and more info.


  • Truly Unreal Photography

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    Photographer Nathan Spotts has a pretty unique style. In these shots, he's created some pretty visually stunning, and also impossible scenes. Nathan describes his collection of composited shots in his own words, "I wanted to create images of scenes that are not-quite real, but almost could be". See them All

    Sources:Academy of Art Unrealistic Scenes

  • Adobe buys Behance

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    In a last second move right before the end of the world tomorrow, Adobe snatched up Behance. They plan to somehow incorporate Behance's expertise in social networking and online portfolios with their own Creative Cloud products, which seems to be good news for creatives.

    Now don't get us wrong, it's nothing like their acquisition of Macromedia back in 2005, but nevertheless we look forward to some integration between the best creative software around and our favorite professional portfolio site.

    Source: TechCrunch

  • New Logos for the NFL

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    New York City designer Matt Mcinerney has a few ideas on what most men spend their Sundays watching. He has re-branded most of the classic logos in the NFL and they're pretty sweet, not to mention incredibly creative. Of course, they're fake and strictly a 'fun' project for McInerney. You can see some below, or hop on over to the source to check them all out and pick your favorite.

    Source: NFLOGOS

  • A different take on typography

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    In the video below, Russian designer & digital artist Ruslan Khansanov has some fun experimenting with letters in what he refers to as "Lumen type". It's a whole alphabet made just out of light.

    Source: Ruslan on Behance

  • NBA ushers in new Christmas uniforms with ad

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    Unless you were watching a basketball game last Wednesday, you may have missed this piece from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

  • How to get a Graphic Design career

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    We thought this article by New York art director Larry Mayorga was excellent advice for anyone starting out or looking for a career in the creative industry.
    His 10 tips:

    1. Join design organizations
    2. Work for charities
    3. Get internships
    4. Nurture a network of peers
    5. Send fan mail
    6. Create an online presence
    7. Exploit your other skills
    8. Submit work to competitions
    9. Be nice, be bold, be humble
    10. Start your own projects

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