• The ultimate product guarantee for Valentines Day...

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    Holidays always cause some of the most interesting advertisers to come out of the woodwork, and this V-Day did not disappoint. Some of our faves:

    Ikea in Australia is offering a free baby cot to those who decide to, ahem, tonight. The catch, the baby must be born on November 14. So if you’re already wanting a baby, why not conceive tonight and get a free cot?

    Our choice: Foul Fashion wants their patrons to “get foul this February.” with the campaign “get laid or your money back.” Instead of using sex to sell their product, Foul Fashion is selling sex itself alongside their product. Check out this ad - its richer in concept than production value, but still worth a watch. Fellas, –you have nothing to lose (you might even get a free crib out of the deal).

  • Tough Love: What happens when you don't pay up

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    Usually, V-day is a day full of love, teddy bears and candy but for Fitness SF, life sucks. This is something we've always dreamed of doing, but never had the stones to follow through. Frank Jonen (who owns his own web design company) was fed up with clients not paying, so he exercised his power as admin. Not only did he swap the site, he did it with some style, text-shadows and all. Next time you 'forget' to pay a client, make sure they don't have access to your servers. Actually just don't be a douche and pay your bills.

    Source: The Denver Egotist
    Link: Original Site Frank's Version

  • Super Bowl Ads: The Conclusion

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    So, we're a little late to the game with this one, (seeing that fox is already prepping for next year) but we figured we'd wait until all the reviews were out and then scope out the best spot for you to re-watch them.

    Just like the results of the Super Bowl, there are winners (Ravens) and losers (the guy paying the electric bill at the Superdome) when it comes to the commercials too. Our friends at the Washington Post have posted their choices for the top 5 best and worst Super Bowl commercials. Check it out and see if you agree with them.


  • Decide what Audi spends $4 million on this Sunday

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    Well, you can’t decide who wins the game this Sunday, but two companies are giving consumers the reigns when it comes to their Superbowl commercial. Audi’s 60 second spot, created by Venables Bell and Partners shows a man on the way to the prom pulling some moves in a sort of weird T-swift style masculine way. There are three versions of this commercial that you can vote on to be shown during the Superbowl. Voting starts this Friday and lasts 24 hours! Coca-Cola is also letting fans vote for the ending to their ad, letting you choose who gets an ice cold sip of their cola in the arid desert: bikers, cowboys or showgirls? We voted showgirls.

    Vote for the Coke Ad: here
    Source: here

  • HTML5: Visualized

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    Whether HTML5 is something you deal with on a daily basis, or just a term you've heard Apple throw around when bashing Flash, there's no question it's becoming a huge part of our web experience. This visual map below describes a survey of web developers on the topic and provides their take on it.

    Source: Mavenlink
    Full Image: here

  • McDonalds ad drawn on a napkin

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    This commercial for McDonald’s new addition to their Little Tasters menu, the Chicken McBite will leave anyone who has ever doodled on a napkin smiling. It was created by, Will Thacker and Blake Waters as part of Leo Burnett campaign for the chain. Will and Blake's creation will have you reaching for the keys to hit up the nearest chain (if only to support creative advertising). Don’t forget the sweet and sour sauce. Hit up the source for the movie and more info.


  • Truly Unreal Photography

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    Photographer Nathan Spotts has a pretty unique style. In these shots, he's created some pretty visually stunning, and also impossible scenes. Nathan describes his collection of composited shots in his own words, "I wanted to create images of scenes that are not-quite real, but almost could be". See them All

    Sources:Academy of Art Unrealistic Scenes

  • Adobe buys Behance

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    In a last second move right before the end of the world tomorrow, Adobe snatched up Behance. They plan to somehow incorporate Behance's expertise in social networking and online portfolios with their own Creative Cloud products, which seems to be good news for creatives.

    Now don't get us wrong, it's nothing like their acquisition of Macromedia back in 2005, but nevertheless we look forward to some integration between the best creative software around and our favorite professional portfolio site.

    Source: TechCrunch

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