timeforcake creative media

Web Copywriter

Type of work: Freelance
Location: Frisco, CO
Date Posted: March 21st, 2012

timeforcake creative media is a Colorado internet marketing company helping business owners across the country grow, save money, and increase profits with effective websites and smart online strategies.

We're seeking a freelance Web Copywriter who loves the web and loves to write for the web. You know SEO like the back of your hand. You understand that writing for the web is different than writing for print. You love being able to work from home, from the coffee shop, or wherever tickles your fancy when you wake up each day.

This describes you perfectly:

- You have ample experience writing specifically for the web
- You consider yourself a strong SEO copywriter
- You excel at writing for one or more of the following:
-blog posts
-website content
-white papers
-landing pages

You get serious brownie points if...

- You've read Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think or Ben Hunt's Convert!
- You're experienced writing lead nurturing campaigns

You get 1,000 brownie points and move to the front of the line if...

- You specialize in writing about all things web: websites, SEO, conversions, social media, etc.

Compensation: TBD based on your skills and experience. Potential for either hourly or quoted per-project work.

How to apply:

Would you be a good match?
Great! We're interested in seeing your work, learning what you can do, and finding out who you are. That's why we're looking for:

- Links to your best/most relevant work. Please do not just send us a link to your entire portfolio. We are primarily interested in seeing web-specific content (most especially anything written with SEO in mind), but are willing to look at other types if you feel they are highly relevant or show your style well.
- In no more than 2 - 3 sentences: What you do differently when you write for the web that you don't do when you write for print.
- Your topics/areas of expertise.
- Topics/areas where you're not that strong.
- Your preferred hourly rate/an explanation of how you bill.

Send your details to jobs@timeforcake.com

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