Amanda Watkins

Amanda Watkins
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For more than 12 years, I have worked as a graphic designer in the Tulsa area. During this time, my knowledge and passion for the art form has expanded, and I’ve developed a vast understanding of publication design. One of my strengths is listening and interpreting to what it is a client wants to accomplish. I’m perceptive to their needs and enjoy helping transform their graphic vision into a reality. Because of this expertise – combined with my extensive design skills – I’ve been promoted from graphic designer to art director to creative director at my current place of employment. I’m extremely adaptable and a quick learner, so I am excited about moving into a new digital realm to strengthen my core knowledge of design. I desire to secure a position that enables me to collaborate with other team members in determining the “look” and “feel” for digital and traditional marketing campaigns; to develop effective ideas of the highest quality for all projects by applying my experience, application skills, creativity and passion for design; and to create engaging design for a new era in digital communication.


Amanda Watkins

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Tulsa, OK


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