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We came across a photo of an "Open Letter to Hipsters" yesterday, from business-owner and new city councillor Blake Ewing. It was posted at The Max, Ewing's downtown bar and classic arcade "retro pub." We were planning to post and ask for comments regarding the copy and whether the idea of marketing to hipsters (who by definition despise and reject marketing in general), was viable or in vain. But someone beat us to the punch. We think this opens up a very interesting discussion about the downtown scene in Tulsa. We are all about the arts and love the revitalization that's been happening slowly but surely in our city, especially downtown. What we want to know is whether this type of marketing - picking out Hipsters vs. Afflicted Dudes - helps or hurts a business's message and whether it helps or hurts the culture of downtown Tulsa? What do you think?

Here is the open letter posted at The Max:

Here is the response to the open letter (click image to read entire post):


I think both "letters" are embarrassing to their respective authors. Who cares about who goes where? Let's all just support each other, and help the downtown scene grow beyond juvenile crap like this. sheesh.

Whole thing makes me wince in pain, a little.

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