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Perhaps it's this cool fall weather that makes us dream of open windows and open roads, but we are just itching to jump in the car and take a roadtrip. Alas, deadlines and the day-to-day keep us from journeying on. Thankfully, the incredible work of Tulsa photographer Matt Sawyer will satiate our appetite for adventure in the meantime. These photos just scratch the surface of his extensive, awe-inspiring portfolio. We are compiling our virtual roadtrip as we speak...

West Texas


Nebulous, Western Idaho

Roller Coaster, Eastern Oregon

Trapezoid Sunset

East Beckwith

Morning, Idaho

Valley, Central Oregon


Totally stunning work!

who is this dude? does he sell prints?

Thank you everyone. I do sell prints online at The photographs you see in this feature will be available for purchase soon, and also in book form in the next couple of months.

If you would like a print of any of the photographs above, please email me at matt[at]


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